Moss Removal


Recently, we cleaned a duplex in Bremerton for a local property management company. The before and after results were impressive.

Moss needs to be taken care of immediately if seen on your roof.  The longer it grows, the more destructive it is.  At Johnny Tsunami, we prefer to treat your roof with eco-safe solutions.  However, this may not always be the best option once your roof has passed the point of no return.

For those bad moss cases, Johnny offers a non-damaging, low pressure roof cleaning option.  This is best for eliminating moss and for getting rid of unsightly algae growth, black streaks, mildew, etc. After the cleaning we treat your roof with a zinc sulfate treatment to discourage future algae and moss growth.

The roof cleaning process can create a mess around your home as well, so we make sure to wash up around your home and any patio, driveway or walkway areas that may have been affected.

  • Low pressure cleaning
  • Eco-friendly zinc sulfate treatement
  • Debris cleanup upon completion