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5 Better Ways To Spend Your Time Than Exterior Cleaning

Is the HOA on your case again? Are you just really particular about the outside of your home? Hey, we don’t blame you — homeownership is something that you should take pride in! However, as you’ve probably come to find out over time, owning a home is no easy feat. Maintaining the interior and exterior of your home is time-consuming, and when it comes to major home repairs, rather costly at times. It’s fair to say that renting an apartment is much simpler, though there are obvious disadvantages with rentals.

Your Exterior Home Cleaning Specialists Near Seattle

We get it. You live a busy, fun-filled life. Perhaps you’re starting a family, or maybe you and your significant other are enjoying time with each other. Why waste away your precious weekends spending time cleaning the outside of your home? Eliminate the worry by working with the team here at Johnny Tsunami and our qualified exterior home cleaning services in Seattle and the surrounding areas of Tacoma, Silverdale, and beyond. We provide:

Contact our responsive, professional and 5-star rated exterior cleaning professionals today for any of our above services. For your bemusement, here are five ways that you’d probably rather do than spend time cleaning the outside of your home.

Sleeping In

What else are weekends for? If you’re not obligated to be anywhere by a certain time, then why leave your home — or even your warm bed sheets, for that matter? Relish the weekend and enjoy some time catching up on some Zs. You can’t sleep in if you’re up early cleaning the outside of your home.

Getting Brunch

Getting brunch is the next logical step after sleeping in. Is it breakfast time? No, it’s too late. Is it lunchtime? Perhaps, but you don’t have to decide between the two because brunch does that for you! Gathering and catching up with friends just makes brunch even better.

Going Go-Karting

This is a pretty random one, but there’s no way that you’d rather spend time pressure washing your deck than driving go-karts around. Who doesn’t like the carefree joy of pretending that they’re in Mario Kart? Heck, even hanging around the house on a rainy day and playing Mario Kart on an old-school Game Cube is much, much better than cleaning. Are we wrong?

Getting Lost In A Good Book

A quality novel will take your mind far away, and a nonfiction book can be an educational, worthwhile read. Whatever you decide to pick up, our exterior cleaning professionals are sure that it’s better than cleaning.

Going On A Hike

Get out of town and hit a trail. Hiking is meditative, in a sense, and provides a nice little escape from reality.

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