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Enjoy Your Time Inside While We Do All of The Heavy Lifting On the Outside!

Enjoy Your Time Inside While We Do All of The Heavy Lifting On the Outside

With the turn of the fall equinox, we’re finally laying summer to rest. We’ll be candid: this summer was, for most of the United States, unseasonably hot and devoid of rainfall in many different areas. Unfortunately, wildfires plagued the Pacific Northwest, compromising our air quality and forcing homeowners in the affected areas to temporarily or even permanently evacuate the premises. Our condolences and our hearts go out to these affected families.

Professional Exterior Cleaning Services Near Seattle

As the colder weather finally starts to progressively settle in a little bit more day by day, it’s time to start thinking more about taking care of the exterior of your home. Our previous blog post detailed a few simple ways to prep the outside of your home for the coming colder temperatures. In today’s blog, your exterior cleaning experts at Johnny Tsunami are highlighting a few top-rated services that we think you’ll find to be particularly beneficial during this time of seasonal change.

So, grab a warm beverage and get cozy, Seattle-area homeowners.

Get the Moss Off Your Roof Before It Gets Too Cold

“Before” is the keyword, here. The wet, cold and dark conditions (as a result of no direct sunlight) that the Northwest often experiences serves as a breeding ground for moss growth. Not only does moss look unsightly, reducing the value of your property and inciting animosity from your neighbors, but it can also spell damage over time, particularly for your roof.

Fortunately, Johnny Tsunami offers moss removal services that are eco-friendly and will never, ever damage or harm your roof — including the shingles — in any way. We also offer moss removal for sidewalks, driveways, and other walkways around your home.

Keeping Your Gutters Clean to Direct Water Drainage

Clogged gutters are unhappy gutters. Now that we’re entering the fall season full steam ahead, the leaves are going to start dropping like flies. With gutters chock full of leaves and other debris, rainfall (which occurs quite often here in the greater Seattle area!) will build up in and around the foundation of your home. That’s not good.

Avoid costly damage to your home down the line and rest assured with the peace of mind that your gutters are clean and clog-free thanks to our gutter cleaners in Silverdale, Tacoma, and beyond.

Commercial Exterior Cleaning Services

Johnny Tsunami will come to your home and make sure that all of your outdoor ducks are in a row, but we’ll also make sure that your brick-and-mortar business looks as good as you do. From window cleaning to pressure washing the sidewalks and walkway leading up to the entrance of your company, we can help maintain the professional image that your business deserves. With the busy holiday season only a couple of months away, focus your attention on the day-to-day operations of your business that really matter.

Need routine exterior cleaning service? Our maintenance plans are perfect for residential or commercial situations.

Learn More From Our 5-Star Exterior Cleaning Experts

We’re fast, friendly, responsive, professional, and ready to help your home or business shine. From Tacoma to Silverdale and beyond, get a service quote from Johnny Tsunami and enjoy a worry-free fall season. Until next time!

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