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How Our Outdoor Cleaning Services Help Make A Great Impression On Your Guests

Your home is a reflection of you as a person. Like other things that you own (or are currently paying off to eventually own), you’ll want to take pride in the condition of your things. For nearly everyone, their home is their most significant, valuable asset, as well as a place where they spend the most time. If your place is dirty, neglected, and unkempt, are you willing to present yourself in the same manner? At Johnny Tsunami, we’re not ones to pass judgment on a blog reader, but we’d hope not.

Maintaining A Clean, Respectful Home

Whether you’re expecting some VIP guests in the near future or you own multiple homes and rent them out via Airbnb, it’s always a good idea to keep the inside and outside of your place in clean, tip-top condition. In an age where online reviews are more powerful than ever before (you can check out our own reviews here), it truly pays to clean the outside of your home when guests are paying to stay inside of it.

So, if you’re fearing the potential but likely judgment of your in-laws when they come to visit or you just want to keep your Airbnb guests happy, check out a few ways that our outdoor cleaning services in Tacoma and the Kitsap Peninsula will help secure a great impression on their behalf.

They Can Actually See Through The Windows

Nothing is worse than looking through a bedroom window into the outside world, only to have your view obstructed by dirt, grime, dead bugs, year-old dog slobber, or who knows what else. Actually, there are worse things than that, but attentive guests will notice that your windows are dirty.

Their Shoes Won’t Get Dirty On Your Walkway Or Porch

We can’t necessarily control the characteristic Pacific Northwest rains, but we can bring life to a dirty, faded concrete path or porch. The thing with our pressure washing services is that you might not notice how dirty the surrounding area of your home is until we’ve done our work. Though your guests may not take note of our pressure washing job, no one is going to argue with a clean, unobstructed walkway or porch area.

They’ll Actually Want To Spend Time Outside Of Your Home

If you’ve gone to the effort of creating a backyard or front porch worth spending time in with things like outdoor chairs, a table, a barbecue, and even a hammock, don’t squander your efforts by letting things get too dirty over time. From a hospitality perspective, make your listing on Airbnb truly shine by highlighting your pristine porch, backyard, or other outdoor hangout areas.

A home is so much more than what’s inside of it! Ideally, you or your guests will get to enjoy the 15 days out of the year where it doesn’t rain in Washington State.

Contact The Exterior Cleaning Experts At Johnny Tsunami

It’s your responsibility to create the ideal outdoor living space, and it’s our job to make sure that the outside of your home is sparkling clean. Get an instant quote for our exterior cleaning services in Tacoma and the Kitsap Peninsula today.

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