Maintenance Plan

Join Our Team and Make a Splash in the World of Exterior House Cleaning

Our Goal is to make home maintenance painless andeasy.

At Johnny Tsunami, we understand that maintaining the beauty and integrity of your property is an ongoing commitment.

Our Exterior Maintenance Plans offer a comprehensive solution to ensure your property remains in top condition throughout the year. Say goodbye to worries about dirt, grime, and wear – our plans have you covered.

The benefits of our maintenance plan

  • Your windows, gutters, roof and solar panels cleaned on a regular & automatic schedule!
  • Your property serviced as frequently as you want without any effort on your part
  • Auto pilot when it comes to scheduling anual property maintenance
  • Up to 30% off every cleaning!

Join our VIP Maintenance Program!

Please let us know what you'd like cleaned
and how often. Then sign the agreement below to initiate your membership!

Our options (and discounts!) for year-round cleaning include:

Once a Month -> 30% discount

Every 3 Months -> 20% discount

Every 4 Months -> 15% discount

Twice a Year -> 10% discount **Most Popular

Once a Year -> 5% discount

for the average home, we generally recommend getting your Roof, Gutters, Preventative treatment done at least twice a year (but some homes need servicing more frequently due to higher buildup)

We're currently offering these discounts for
a low membership fee of $8.99/year $0/ First Year when signed up his month only!

How often would you like your property services? *

Which service would you like done? *

Johnny Tsunami - agrees to provide the selected services, on the
cleaning frequency indicated above

By signing above you are indicating that you understand the following

Johnny Tsunami will come to service your home or business at the frequency you requested above.

This agreement will automatically renew each year.

Johnny Tsunami will auto-schedule your services, and will send you reminder notices prior to each scheduled cleaning.

The services will be performed on the scheduled dates, unless we hear back from you needing to reschedule.

Our Obligations to you

Johnny Tsunami will pre-schedule your services for your convenience, but appointment times can be changed upon request with at least one week notice.

All cleanings will be performed at the agreed-upon price per the service proposal and payments will be due at the time of service.

A cancellation fee of $49 will be charged to the card on file, for cancellations made with less than 72 hours notice.

If any price changes occur to our services in the future, Johnny Tsunami will notify you no less than 30 days prior to your next cleaning date.

This contract can be canceled at any time by either party.

You will be sent a copy of this signed agreement via email.