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Gutter Cleaning

I’ve talked about gutters before and how important it is that they’re clean and functional but with the advent of the Washington rainy season (fall, winter and spring), I thought I would reiterate just how important it is to have clean gutters.

Do you know if your gutters are clean? Most people can’t tell until they have small gardens growing in them. What you might not be seeing could be the beginnings of a clogged gutter. Leaves and debris settle on the bottoms and destroy the functionality of your gutters.

Non-functioning gutters cause problems. Clogged gutters can overflow and damage your landscaping and if it gets too full, can actually rip off of your house, causing costly repairs. During the winter time, that damage can be even more detrimental, as the standing water can freeze, fill up your gutters, reach your roof and actually get under it. Once it starts to melt, considerable damage is done to your floors, ceilings, furnishings, you name it. And we all know that with wet homes comes mold, so you’ll have that to deal with on top of everything else. If you have wooden gutters, standing water can cause wood rot. If left untreated, this could spread to surrounding areas.

Johnny Tsunami offers Gutter Maintenance Plans to ensure your gutters stay clean and functioning year-round.

Call Johnny Tsunami today (360) 440-6301 or get an Instant Online Quote. We look forward to making your gutters clean and working properly. 

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