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Are you a fan of seasonal transitions as much as we are? Though the Pacific Northwest gets many cloudy, rainy days (and, unfortunately, a lot of smoke from nearby wildfires this year), it’s about time to say goodbye to the summer heat and say hello to the near-perfect temperature of the fall season. Indeed, from sweater weather to pumpkin spice latte season, it’s time to get comfortable knowing that it’s progressively getting colder and darker outside.

Get Your Home Ready For the Fall With Our Exterior Cleaning Experts

However, before you slip into your fall best and get comfortable indoors, there are a few things that you’ll want to take care of while it’s still nice and warm outside during these next few weeks. By making the time and effort investment to prep the exterior of your home for the colder seasons, you can rest easy knowing that the outside of your home is good to go when the leaves really start to fall.

For even more assured rest, our exterior cleaning services including gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, pressure washing, and window cleaning will help make your Seattle home or business shine. From Bremerton to Bainbridge Island to Silverdale to Tacoma, Johnny Tsunami is here for you! Feel free to get a service quote today.

Trim Any Overgrown Bushes and Landscaping

After a long summer of growth, trimming back your plants and shrubs to a reasonable length will make spring landscaping a breeze.

Inspect Your Home’s Siding

The exterior of your house may have cracks or holes in it, especially if your home is a little “seasoned.” Cracks or holes may invite outside critters inside who seek warmth during the bitter winter cold, and can also raise your heating bill due to creating a draft. If you can’t repair these holes or cracks yourself, get a professional on the scene.

Clean Your Gutters (Or Have Us Do It!)

It’s possible to do a DIY gutter cleaning job, but you’ll need to have the right tools on hand. Safety comes first, and if you can’t get rid of the leaves, nests, debris and other gunk from your home’s gutter system, simply reach out to Johnny Tsunami.

Shut Off Your Faucets and Store Your Hoses

Around the time the first freezing temperatures arrive — and when watering your plants or grass is no longer necessary — you’ll want to drain your garden hose(s) and disconnect them from your outside spigots. Then, make sure to shut off all exterior faucets and store your hose(s) in a dry place so that any residual water doesn’t freeze.

Stow Away Your Seasonal Furniture

Though it’s a bit of a bummer removing your summer outdoor furniture, you’ll want to preserve your patio set to use next summer. If you have any cushions or an umbrella, be sure to clean the cushions and properly store everything that can’t be subjected to the bitter cold.

Our Exterior Cleaners In Seattle Can Help You Prepare For Fall and Winter!

Too busy to clean out your gutters? Fear not. Get a quote for our gutter cleaning services or other exterior cleaning services today.

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