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Seattle Pressure Washing Service: Pressure Washing Safety Tips

Think you have what it takes to do your own pressure washing job in and around your home? Ok, hopefully you’re just cleaning the outside of your home — interiors and pressure washers just don’t mix well. While incredibly useful tools, pressure washers also present a number of dangers and safety hazards that you should keep in mind before you start to go crazy cleaning your deck in the backyard.

On one hand, our exterior cleaning professionals here at Johnny Tsunami appreciate the initiative that dedicated homeowners take to maintain their home. We completely respect that DIY-mentality, but at the same time, some things are just better left to the professionals. Fortunately, when it comes to all of your exterior cleaning needs, we are those professionals!

Exterior Home Cleaners In Seattle That You Can Rely On

From gutter cleaning to roof moss removal and window cleaning, we’re your reliable exterior home cleaning service in the greater Seattle area. Specifically, we serve the areas of Silverdale, Tacoma, Bainbridge Island, Olympia, and beyond! If you’re in the area, please do not hesitate to contact Johnny Tsunami or get a free instant quote for our services.

Now, if you’re feeling ambitious and you don’t want to go with our pressure washing service in Seattle — which we obviously don’t recommend — then you’ll want to scope some of these brief pressure washing safety tips below.

Read The Safety Instructions From The Manufacturer

Chances are, you rented the pressure washer that you’re using. You know how you usually just skip over the instructions and go for it? Yeah, now is not one of those times. Make sure you know what you’re doing and how to handle the equipment at hand.

Wear Protective Eyewear And Other Gear

Flying debris present a major safety hazard when you’re operating a pressure washer. Don’t blind yourself or accidentally sever one of your toes — always wear safety goggles and closed-toe shoes (steel toe boots are ideal) when you’re attempting to pressure wash something on your own.

No Kids Allowed

This is an adult job. While watching you pressure wash your deck may be enticing for your kid, have them watch from the safety and security of indoors. On a similar vein, make sure that no one else is in the immediate area when you’re using a pressure washer, especially in front of you. The stream of water is extremely powerful and can cause injuries if there’s contact with exposed skin.

Make Sure You’re Using The Right Nozzle

Different pressure washing jobs call for different nozzles which will affect the spray stream and relative pressure of the water. There’s nothing safe about a broken wooden deck because you used the wrong nozzle on your pressure washer.

Keep It Cool

The motor area of your pressure washer will likely be hot after prolonged use, so let it cool down for awhile before moving it.

Let Our Pressure Washing Service In Seattle Do The Work For You

Like we said earlier, some things are just better left to the professionals. Get started with Johnny Tsunami and our exterior home cleaning services today.

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