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The best pressure washing service in Seattle. Walkways, sidewalks, wood decks, brick, patios, docks, siding, driveways and more. Johnny Tsunami Wash is the Northwest’s premier pressure washing company!


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Concrete Driveways

We know the difference between gently cleaning versus blasting bits of your driveway off with the scum. The result is concrete cleaning that looks new again.

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Aggregate Patios

Our pressure washing services clean mold, mildew, algae and other Northwest grime that accumulates on decks, patios, driveways, parking lots, siding and any other surface exposed to the rain.

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Wood Decks

Pressure wash home wood decks and patios to restore beauty and add longevity to your property. We offer maintenance plans to keep your home or business looking great year round.

Get a free quote for your home cleaning project. Each property is unique so in some cases we may need an on-site inspection, but with your information we will give you a very close cost estimate. You can always call (206) 207-7155  or email any time.

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Aggregate Walkways

Pressure wash home walkways, patios, and driveways. Keep your home looking great and walkways safe.

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Wood Docks

Pressure washing wood docks and concrete docks keeps them looking good and safe to use.

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Commercial Properties

We serve home and business owners across Kitsap County, Jefferson County, Pierce County and King County. Call Johnny Taunami ! (206) 207-7155

Pressure Washing Seattle

It’s always an excellent time to work on your Seattle home or business’s exterior. The difference that Seattle pressure washing can make on various surfaces around your home can be amazing. With roofs, we use a special technique called soft washing – which gets the job done but doesn’t damage your home. Concrete, however, is a great example of a surface that works well for pressure washing. In addition, siding, decks, gutter exteriors, driveways, walkways, patios and retaining walls are all surfaces where our Seattle pressure washing technique can work wonders.

Seattle Pressure Washing Services

Johnny Tsunami is experienced in pressure washing all types of surfaces found on and around retail shopping strips, hospitals, medical buildings, and commercial buildings throughout the Seattle Area. If you have a residential or commercial pressure washing Seattle need, we have a wash solution for you. Our pressure washing Seattle services are top rated in the PNW. We pride ourselves in being able to handle all types of pressure washing projects ranging from a simple retail storefront to a 100,000 sq ft parking lot. If you are in need of pressure washing service and desire professional results, look no further. We are a locally owned, owner-operator company. Ready to get started? Call Us Today at (360) 440-6301 or Click here for a fast, no hassle, no pressure cleaning quote

We Know Seattle Pressure Washing Well

There’s a great chance that our Pressure Washing Seattle team might have even worked with one of your close neighbors before.

“Johnny Tsunami’s team was very professional, worked efficiently, and did an excellent job with our sidewalk.”

– Jenny S., Seattle, WA

Whether it’s pressure washing for your home or business in the Seattle area, we’ve got you covered.

Our Seattle Pressure Washing Experience

Here at Johnny Tsunami, we save our customers time and frustration with our pressure washing services. Our customers do not have to worry about anything when they select us for their Pressure Washing Seattle projects. We have put in the time and effort to make sure we are safe, efficient and thorough with our services. Remember that when you choose us you are getting a professional, dependable and insured pressure washing Seattle company that is committed to producing the desired results for our customers.

Why Our Pressure Washing Seattle Services

Johnny Tsunami LLC is a professional and experienced pressure washing Seattle company with commercial grade equipment. Our pressure washing units cost over $12,000 each for just the equipment  Pressure washing in the Seattle area is our specialty. We have experienced technicians, professional grade equipment and belong to the pressure washing industry’s top associations. Everything about us is professional and our results are industry leading.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. I know the problems specific to the Northwest and how best to deal with them. For moss removal, cleaning dirty windows or gutters, pressure washing, or roof cleaning – we’re the ones to call!

~ Jonathan Porter, Owner


Getting your roof cleaned can save you up to 90% compared to a roof replacement. Learn more about our roof cleaning services or make an appointment today!

* We Hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe.


Getting your roof cleaned can save you up to 90% compared to a roof replacement. Learn more about our roof cleaning services or make an appointment today!

* We Hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe.