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Top-rated roof cleaning Seattle company – the best home roof cleaning service in Seattle. Metal roofs, cedar shingle roofs, tile roofs. Johnny Tsunami is your trusted source to keep your Seattle home beautiful.

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Get a free quote for your home cleaning project. Each property is unique so in some cases we may need an on-site inspection, but with your information we will give you a very close cost estimate. You can always call (206) 207-7155 or email any time.

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Metal Roof Cleaning

Our professional roof cleaners clean all types of roof material, including: composite/asphalt, cedar, tile, aluminum, metal and specialty roofs like metal-tile

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Shingle & Tile Roofs

Johnny Tsunami uses a non-damaging, low pressure roof cleaning.  This is eliminating moss and for getting rid of unsightly algae growth, black streaks, mildew, etc.

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Roof Moss Removal

Moss needs to be taken care of immediately if seen on your roof.  The longer it grows, the more destructive it is. Call Johnny Tsunami to remove your roof moss today (206) 207-7155 .

Roof Cleaning Seattle

Spring is an excellent time to assess your Seattle home’s exterior. Rain and moisture throughout the Fall and Winter can lead to moss, algae and debris on roofs. Our comprehensive Seattle roof cleaning will make your roof look new and extend its life. Gutters become clogged, leading to issues with leaks, rot and pests. Contact Johnny Tsunami for reliable Seattle roof cleaning services.

Seattle Roof Cleaning Services

As we transition into Spring, let the home care experts at Johnny Tsunami and our Seattle roof cleaning team bring your home back from summer wear and fatigue. Enjoy Seattle Open Studios or attend a Spring Festival.

We likely know your Seattle neighborhood.

We Know Seattle Roof Cleaning Well

There’s a great chance that our roof cleaning Seattle team might have even worked with one of your close neighbors before. When you have been cleaning roofs in Seattle, as well as gutters, decks and siding for as long as we have, you get to know the ins and outs of the area very well.

“Johnny Tsunami’s team was very professional, worked efficiently, and removed all debris. A pleasure to work with your company from the initial free estimate to the completion of the roof treatment.”

– Jeremy S., Seattle, WA

Whether expertly performed roof moss removal, roof cleaning, roof treating or roof repairs, we have done it in your Seattle community.

Our Seattle Roof Cleaning Experience

Johnny Tsunami has performed over 20,000 projects in the Seattle Metro area since we started our business, many of them within Seattle proper. We know how Seattle homeowners and businesses in our home area value the great natural beauty of the Pacific NW and their homes and buildings are a big part of that environment.

Why Our Roof Cleaning Seattle Services

Seattle homeowners are rightfully discerning regarding their homes. Our Seattle roof cleaning team is in the business of beautifying your home, whether it removing ugly and dangerous moss from your roof, cleaning grime and pollutants off of siding and pavement.

We know how Seattle has its share of distinctive traits that present a challenge for local homeowners – our roof cleaning Seattle team is ready to assist you.

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Cedar Shingle Roofs

In addition to our low pressure wash, we also offer roof treatment options, roof sweeping, roof brushing, moss removal and cedar restoration.

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Roof Moss Treatment

Johnny Tsunami uses a very low pressure and non-damaging water flow with an eco-friendly peroxide based solution to remove all roof moss, dirt, grime and debris.

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Cleaning Roof Moss

Moss destroyed shingles on your roof are not a soothing sight. Keep your roof clean with an annual or bi-annual roof treatment program. Call Johnny Tsunami (206) 207-7155 .

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. I know the problems specific to the Northwest and how best to deal with them. For moss removal, cleaning dirty windows or gutters, pressure washing, or roof cleaning – we’re the ones to call!

~ Jonathan Porter, Owner


Getting your roof cleaned can save you up to 90% compared to a roof replacement. Learn more about our roof cleaning services or make an appointment today!

* We Hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe.


Getting your roof cleaned can save you up to 90% compared to a roof replacement. Learn more about our roof cleaning services or make an appointment today!

* We Hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe.