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There’s nothing worse than spending a good chunk of time buying the right window cleaner, getting the right paper towels or rags, and giving it your all trying to clean the windows of your vehicle or your home, only to realize that they’re still quite streaky. OK, maybe there are worse things in life, but this is still very frustrating. After wiping perfectly and being absolutely sure that your windows would dry streak-free, why do windows play tricks on us like this? It’s a fair question.

Window Cleaning Services Near Seattle You Can Rely On

Well, if you’re the type who has to do something repeatedly until you get it right, this post is for you. Below, Johnny Tsunami offers some tips and tricks to help you get those highly-desirable, streak-free windows that you’ve practically been dreaming about. If for some reason, you still can’t seem to get it down, no worries — our professional exterior cleaning experts offer exterior window cleaning services near Seattle.

Whether your home or business is located in Tacoma, Silverdale, Bremerton, Bainbridge Island, Olympia, or other places in Washington State, Johnny Tsunami’s window washing services can provide you with the clarity that you’ve always wanted! Get started with a free estimate for our window cleaning services today.

Why Are My Windows Drying With Streak Marks?

Generally, streak and smears on windows can be attributed to the following:

  • Using the wrong type of cleaner or chemical
  • Not using enough cleaner
  • Using too much cleaner

In reality, chances are that there’s a relatively simple explanation for this relatively simple (but totally infuriating) problem.

Don’t Use Too Much Cleaner

In short, when you apply an oversaturated amount of cleaner onto the window surface, the cleaning chemical compounds are not completely removed when you go to wipe them off. This leaves a film behind. Sometimes, a cleaner needs to settle onto the surface for just a little bit before you should wipe it off. Conversely…

Avoid Using Not Enough Cleaner

At the risk of sounding contradictory, not using enough cleaning compounds to properly break down the soils on your window surface won’t let you remove them. Instead, they are simply spread around on the surface — with the appearance of those much-hated streaks.

Using The Right Type Of Cleaner

If you’re using an all-purpose or surface cleaner designed for countertops or cleaning various kitchen appliances, you’re just not doing yourself any favors. This sounds painfully obvious, but you’ll want to use a dedicated window cleaner to get the best results.

The Cleanliness Of Your Cloth Or Towel

Arguably even more painfully obvious is what you’re actually using to wipe your windows with. If the cloth you’re using is dirty, well, you’re always going to streak your windows. Make sure that you’re using a clean wiper from the get-go.

If All Else Fails, Consider Our Professional Window Cleaning Services Near Seattle

If the streaks on your windows are just out to get you, we understand. Johnny Tsunami uses a deionized water system with carbon fiber poles that allow us to reach the highest of windows and clean them perfectly streak-free, every time. For the best outdoor window cleaner near Seattle, get started with a free estimate from Johnny Tsunami today!

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