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Unsure If You Need Roof Cleaning? Here Are Some Signs To Keep In Mind

To be clear, allow us to make a distinction here: roof cleaning is not the same as a roof repair job. Though maintaining a clean roof will certainly help prevent otherwise unnecessary (and expensive) roof repair jobs, roof repair is more concerned with the physical materials, waterproofing, and structural integrity of your home’s roof. Roof cleaning typically involves roof moss removal — especially here in the Pacific Northwest — as well as restoring and refreshing the luster of your roof.

The Right Roof Cleaning Experts For The Job

Experienced and properly trained in dealing with just about any roof type, the roof cleaning professionals at Johnny Tsunami can handle anything from cedar, tile, aluminum, composite and/or asphalt, and even specialty roof types like metal-tile hybrids. If you feel like your home’s roof could use a “pick-me-up” or you’re really convinced that nature is beginning to take over (your roof wasn’t originally green, right?), Johnny Tsunami offers the right residential roof cleaning services and commercial roof cleaning services.

Whether you’re in Silverdale, Tacoma, Bainbridge Island, Olympia, Bremerton, or other areas near Seattle, don’t let your roof suffer by being neglected. Discover the benefits of roof cleaning today!

Below are a few notable signs that you should take into account when it comes to deciding whether or not your roof needs a well-deserved cleaning.

Moss Growth Is Becoming Painfully Noticeable

Our climate is quite wet here in Washington, and also relatively cool. When it comes to shaded places, moss simply loves to take over. While moss might just appear to look unsightly and lower your home’s value (a problem in and of itself), it acts like a sponge, absorbing water and seeping it onto your roof’s surface. That’s no good. Eventually, your roof shingles will have a compromised sealing and they will crack or fall off.

You Can See Black Streaks On Your Roof

Like roof moss growth, black streaks spanning across your roof can also look rather unsightly. However, this most likely isn’t just dirt — chances are, the black streaks that you see are actually a form of algae growth. Wood damage can occur after the algae eats through your shingles, so be sure to address and communicate any concerns that you have about black streaks on your roof.

Your Roof Looks Dull, Faded, Or Just Needs New Life

Let’s face it: even a freshly-painted, well-landscaped home just looks incomplete without a healthy roof to top things off. A gray roof that’s been sun-damaged and subject to algae and moss growth looks unappealing in the eyes of your HOA, and might even invite unwanted guests onto your growth as a newfound habitat. You don’t want to provide any creatures with free rent above your home — fortunately, Johnny Tsunami can help you and your family keep things clean with our experienced roof cleaning services.

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Our goal is for you to enjoy a clean, worry-free roof above your head that’s good for years to come. With environmentally-friendly pressure washing techniques, you can feel about our roof cleaning services — and your roof will feel even better! Get in touch with Johnny Tsunami for a free estimate.

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