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Is your mind in the gutter? We can’t speak for you outside the context of gutter cleaning, but when it comes to taking good care of the gutters around your home, your mind
should be in the gutter! Of course, this joke was practically irresistible, but as the go-to exterior cleaning experts in Silverdale and Tacoma, Washington, you have to understand where we’re coming from. On a serious note, how are the gutters around your home looking?

Superior Exterior Guttering Cleaning Services Near Seattle

Developing relationships with countless locals in Silverdale, Tacoma, Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, Olympia and beyond, Johnny Tsunami has the honor and privilege of providing stellar commercial and home exterior cleaning services. Focusing on gutter cleaning services in today’s blog post, Johnny Tsunami also offers high-quality roof cleaning services, moss removal services, pressure washing services, window cleaning services, and more! If the outside of your home needs some love, our exterior cleaning experts can help!

Learn more about our gutter cleaning services today, and continue reading below to discover some useful tips to optimize your at-home gutter maintenance.

Keep Your Own Safety In Mind

If you are accessing your gutters, attempting to tackle gutter maintenance on your own, take safety into account — it’s not worth injuring yourself just to save some money on professional gutter cleaning services. If you’re using a ladder, make sure that it’s a sturdy, stand-alone ladder that doesn’t require you to lean against the house. Wearing protective eyewear to shield your eyes from unexpected debris is also a smart move, and if you’re easily grossed out, wear thick work gloves. Lastly, consider having someone spot you from below while you’re on the ladder.

Look Out For Any Cracks (That Lead To Leaks)

If you see any cracks in your gutter or downspout, this is problematic. Cracks give rainwater a chance to seep into your roof or the siding of your house, effectively defeating the purpose of having gutters in the first place. If it’s a relatively minor crack, you can most likely patch it up or repair it with a basic, waterproof silicone sealer or patch kit from your local hardware store. If your gutters are extensively cracked, however, you might have to outright replace an entire section of your gutter.

Check For Leaks By Intentionally Running Water Through

Unsure if the minor cracks in your gutter are actually going to lead to legitimate leaking? After you’ve removed any visible debris, rinse your gutter and downspout with a garden hose. This will remove any residual material left in your gutter system and give you a chance to test for any leakage. Just make sure to run water through in the direction of your downspout, as this will keep excess water from making contact with the exterior of your home.

Professional Gutter Cleaning Services Near Seattle At Your Disposal!

If your gutter cleaning situation gets out of hand for any reason, don’t stress about it — instead, contact the exterior cleaning professionals at Johnny Tsunami. We’ll expertly clean your gutters and other exterior components of your home or business in Tacoma, Silverdale, Olympia, Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, and beyond. Get a free estimate today!

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