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Why Gutter Cleaning Matters: Ways That Clogged Gutters Can Wreak Havoc On Your Home

If only life were so easy that nothing required maintenance. While something as seemingly simple and benign as gutter cleaning might strike you as something that’s not very important, think of your gutters as a working part of your home’s exterior. Chances are, you’ve worked hard to secure your home as an investment, and the last thing that you want is for it to get damaged in any way — especially in the way of preventable damage. Why let something like your home’s gutters lead to any significant problems in the future?

Gutter Cleaning Made Easy Thanks To Johnny Tsunami!

Proper gutter cleaning is important because it can save you and your home from a myriad of issues. Fortunately, you don’t have to do all of the hard work yourself. Just call Johnny Tsunami and the best exterior cleaning services in Silverdale and Tacoma can take care of you!

In the interest of keeping your hard-earned property functional and beautiful, read below for more insight as to why our gutter cleaning services are so vital to your home’s exterior.

Avoid Foundation Damage

Your home sits on a foundation, and it’s vitally important to make sure that excess water stays away from it. Why? That’s because water buildup can cause cracks to form and damage your foundation due to the contraction and expansion thereof. Your gutter system should be effectively channeling water off of your roof and away from your home’s foundation. Gutter cleaning can help you avoid any blockage that would otherwise cause the water to pour over the sides and form around your foundation.

Avoid Rotting Wood

Rotting wood is no fun to deal with. Not only does it just plain smell bad, but a section of rotting wood can spread to nearby areas including your attic — inviting rodents and other like creatures to chew through the compromised wood and enter your home. When your clogged gutters are overflowing during a storm, the wood fascia and soffit boards near where your gutters are attached will be the first to rot.

You can avoid the problem altogether with our worry-free gutter cleaning services!

Avoid Roof Leaks

If water is leaking through your roof, then frankly, your roof isn’t doing what it should be doing: keeping you and your family warm and dry! Poorly-maintenanced gutters will make it hard to snow, melted ice and excess rainwater to properly flow from your roof and into your gutters, resulting in prolonged periods of moisture on your roof. Steer clear of the headache that is dealing with a wet attic, leaky ceilings and wall leaks by ensuring that your home’s gutters allow the optimal flow of water.

Enjoy A Worry-Free Year With The Help Of Johnny Tsunami

Don’t let something as preventable and addressable as clogged gutters compromise the integrity of your home’s roof, foundation, basement, or any other part of it. Though no one usually takes the time to give it some dedicated though, gutter cleaning services truly matter for the sake of you and your home. Let the exterior cleaning experts at Johnny Tsunami take care of the hard stuff for you! Get a free quote for our gutter cleaning services today.

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