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How often do you think about your gutters? We find gutters, those useful bits of metal that divert the massive amounts of Washington rain away from your foundation, to be sadly under-appreciated.

A clogged gutter is a sad gutter and one that will be too depressed (or just too packed full) to do its job properly. That’s where we come in. We gently hand-remove all the debris and muck that finds its way into your gutters and get them clean and functioning again. It’s an inexpensive way to avoid costly damage and your gutters will thank you- by doing their job, like they’re supposed to.

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Johnny Tsunami Wash keeps your gutters flowing.  We remove debris and unclog downspouts.  We check everything out for you and make sure its all in working order.  DON’T WAIT!  If it’s been more than 6-12 months, give us a call at (360) 440-6301 for your free gutter cleaning estimate or get an instant online quote.

Johnny Tsunami services all Kitsap County, Jefferson County, Pierce County and King County. Call us today!

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