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No Streaking

While your average window cleaner probably won’t run naked through your yard (no guarantees), some window cleaners might leave garish streaks on your windows—the horror! Here at Johnny Tsunami, we aren’t your average window cleaner. Using de-ionized water and carbon fiber poles, we give you windows clean enough to eat off of. Why? Because we can.

Clean Enough to Spot Bigfoot

Any good Bigfoot hunter worth his camo will tell you that 98% of Bigfoot sightings are missed due to dirty windows. True story. Lucky for you, our interior and exterior window cleanings will get your windows so clear, you’ll think you’re outside. And the next time the big guy himself lurches through your backyard, you’ll be ready and so will your windows.

Cla$$ and $tyle

Some people think window cleaning is a decidedly un-fancy job. But would an un-fancy person use carbon fiber poles fed with only the finest de-ionized water to get your windows completely streak-free? Thanks to electrodionization (extremely fancy word), all the trace minerals you find in #basic water are removed and filtered out. Which means none of those minerals will be left behind on your window, leaving the cleanest, fanciest windows you’ll ever see.

All Windows Matter

Here at Johnny Tsunami, we’re committed to making every window the cleanest it can be. Even your weirdo windows that don’t always feel like they fit in with the rest of the house. From your punk skylights to the goth stained glass window over the tub, we’re here to ensure every window is treated the same, and shines just as bright as those spotlight-stealing, energy-efficient, double-pane French doors.

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    Cleaning and beautifying the exteriors of houses and businesses is our expertise. Moss removal, roof cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure washing are some of our expertise.



    We strongly believe exterior cleaning should be easy and convenient, which is why we now offer a premium membership service to our customers. Put your payments on autopilot, and tailor a maintenance plan especially for your house and your schedule. You’ll also enjoy discounts on all services, for just one low, annual price.



    We’re also excited to offer financing options for any of our services. This includes monthly payment options, as well as credit. Get approved in as little as 15 seconds!

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