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Johnny Tsunami is the Kitsap County roof cleaning expert. Roof cleaning is a pretty wide umbrella (Get it? It’s a rain joke!). In the Northwest, we deal with not only the standard algaes and molds that all roofs get over time, but also, tree debris and moss.

Most companies tend to treat roof cleanings as a one-size-fits-all service. At Johnny Tsunami Wash, we realize your roof cleaning should be tailored to your roof. We don’t clean metal roofs the same way we do tile or comp roofs, nor do we treat a debris removal the same way we would a moss removal.

All roofs are not created equal- get a cleaning tailored specifically to YOUR roof and YOUR problems- not your neighbor’s!

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The Northwest is beautiful and the moss can be too, but moss-destroyed shingles on your roof are not a soothing sight in the least.  Moss needs to be taken care of immediately if seen on your roof.  The longer it grows, the more destructive it can be.  At Johnny Tsunami, we prefer to treat your roof with eco-safe solutions.

Once your roof is pristine again, we would like to help you keep it that way with an annual or bi-annual roof treatment program.  This will help maintain your roof and save you money.  The extended life your roof will be enough to cover the cost, not to mention, you may have a few jealous neighbors on hand.

We service the entire Kitsap County area, as well as Jefferson County, Pierce County and King County.

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