How to Find Best Roof Washing Prices?

When it comes to cleaning your roof, it’s best to leave this job to professionals. They are trained and qualified to perform the task safely and effectively. Roof washing removes moss, mildew, and other growth that can damage your roof. However, the roof washing prices varies depending on a few factors.


The cost of cleaning a tile roof can range from some cents per square foot. The type of material and the size of the roof play a big role in this price. Concrete tiles are very delicate and do not hold up well to high-pressure washing, which can damage or shorten the lifespan of your tiles. Soft washing is a better choice for these roofs and it costs less than a power wash.

Roof Washing Prices

Roof Washing Prices

Asphalt shingle roofs are usually more prone to stains and dirt build-up than other types of roofs. They benefit from a chemical wash that kills moss, mildew, and mold while removing stains. A hard rinse is then performed to remove remaining debris and a stain-blocking treatment may be applied, costing some dollars per gallon.

Moss can cause serious damage to your roof, and it can even absorb heat, driving up energy bills throughout the year. It can be removed using a chemical clean or a soft wash, and most services include moss removal as part of the overall cost.

Type of roof

There are many factors that go into determining the price of washing your roof. Where you live and the size of your roof are two significant ones. However, the type of roof also plays an important role in the overall cost of cleaning it. For instance, concrete roofs require a specific soft wash cleaning method since high-pressure washing can damage the surface and shorten its life. The same applies to asphalt shingle roofs. If your roof is prone to organic build-up, mildew, mold or algae growth, you may need to pay extra for specialty cleaners. Additionally, some cleaning companies offer preventative treatments that can be applied after the cleaning process to slow the build-up of contaminants.

Roof Washing Prices

Roof Washing Prices

Additional services

A good roof washing company should not charge extra for small amounts of mildew, mold, moss, or other contaminants. They should also not tack on gutter cleaning, window washing, or chimney stack cleaning services without your consent. It’s also important that a roof cleaner follows manufacturer guidelines for cleaning to avoid voiding any warranties. Additionally, they should cover any plants, shrubs, and garden beds near the roof to protect them from runoff and cleaning solutions.

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