The Benefits of Soft Washing

You may be concerned about the appearance of your home or business. Perhaps the mold, mildew and dirt are making it look dingy and old. Using a soft washing solution and lower pressure, you can safely clean the exterior of your home. This cleaning method has many benefits over high-pressure washing.

Curb Appeal

Owning a home can be expensive, but the right curb appeal can add significant value. When prospective buyers drive by and see your home’s attractive features, they can instantly make up their minds about the price they are willing to pay for it.

Whether you are considering selling your house or simply want to keep it looking nice, you can increase its curb appeal with several simple upgrades. From sprucing up planters to adding a bench on your porch, many of these projects can be completed in a day or weekend.

Soft Washing

Soft Washing

Boosting curb appeal can also help you maintain your property’s value and safety. Unsightly growths on the exterior of your home, like mold or mildew, can lead to health issues and damage your property’s surfaces. Regularly cleaning and soft washing these growths will prevent them from developing and keeping your house healthy. You can also use a soft wash to clean up your outdoor furniture, such as a porch swing or set of rocking chairs.

Reduced Risk of Damage

If you’ve ever had to clean your home’s exterior with a pressure washer, you know that the high-pressure water often damages surfaces. This can leave marks, dents and even etchings in some instances. Soft washing uses a much lower-pressure, safer cleaning method that can reduce the risk of damage to delicate surfaces.

Soft washing utilizes a sodium hypochlorite solution that dissolves organic growth, including mold, mildew and moss on your building materials. The cleaning agent soaks into the material, kills any living organisms and is rinsed away with a lower-pressure spray.

This process will not only protect your property’s exterior, but it will also prevent future issues with the dirt buildup, such as stains on your roof or siding, which can result in costly repairs. Regular yearly soft washing can keep your home in good condition and help increase its value in the neighborhood. It can also prevent the deterioration of your outdoor paving, landscaping and wood structures that occurs with time due to dirt and biological contaminants.

Environmentally Friendly

A big benefit of soft washing is that it’s much less harsh on the environment than pressure washing. It uses a lower volume of water, and the cleaning solutions used are biodegradable and safe for all building materials. It also doesn’t damage trees or plants, making it the greener choice.

Soft Washing

Soft Washing

A professional soft wash service will use a special detergent to remove the dirt and grime. The chemicals in the solution will kill mildew spores, algae, and moss growth without damaging your home’s surfaces. They’ll also penetrate the build-up and sanitize it, killing all the bacteria that causes the problem at its root.

They won’t harm local wildlife, and they won’t pollute the groundwater like chemical cleaners do. And, they’ll leave your home looking better than ever. The result is that soft washing is becoming the new standard for exterior cleaning.


Soft washing is a safe cleaning technique that uses low-pressure water to remove grime, mildew and mold. It doesn’t require any chemicals or strong pressure, so it’s perfect for use on delicate surfaces like windows and roof shingles. This method also helps to protect against future damage, so you can save money on expensive repairs in the long run.

It’s also environmentally friendly and safer for plants around your home. Since it doesn’t use high-pressure water, it won’t cause any damage to the roots or leaves of nearby trees and shrubs. In addition, many of the cleaners used in soft washing solutions contain surfactants that help to reduce surface tension. This makes it easier for the cleaners to spread out and penetrate the dirt on a surface.

Additionally, some of the products that are used in soft washing include odor-removers. This helps to prevent the unpleasant smells of vomit, feces, urine, smoke and mildew from lingering on exterior surfaces after cleaning.

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