Power Wash Roof

Published by admin on December 20, 2022

Why to Consider Soft Wash Instead of Power Wash Roof

Soft washing is an environmentally-friendly way to clean your roof. It eliminates bacteria and mold and extends the life of your shingles. Traditional power wash roof cleaning uses high psi to clean the surface of the roof. However, this method does not address the underlying problem.Soft washing is an environmentally friendly way to clean your roof.

Soft washing involves applying biodegradable soap to your roof with a fiber cloth. This method is gentler on your roof than power wash roof cleaning and is ideal for new and old shingles. The soap solution is allowed to soak into the shingles before being gently scrubbed off. Soft washing also uses less water than pressure washing and doesn’t harm aquatic life.

A dirty roof can look quite shabby, especially after heavy rain. It can also develop stains, streaks, and blotches. Soft washing your roof helps get rid of all these pollutants while ensuring that the appearance of your roof is maintained.

It eliminates mold

A soft washing service uses a cleaning solution and low pressure to remove mold, moss, and algae from roofs, siding, and other exterior surfaces. Soft washing services use a biodegradable soap solution and a cleaning agent. The solution kills algae, mold spores, fungi, moss, and bacteria. The cleaning process can also help restore the look of your roof.

Soft washing is an eco-friendly way to remove mold from roofs. It works by killing mold spores at the root level. Pressure washing can erode shingles and ruin warranties, and will not remove all mold. If left untreated, leftover mold can grow beneath overlapping shingles and eventually take over your roof. In contrast, soft washing kills the mold at the source, making it safer and less expensive than power washing.

It kills bacteria

Using soft washing can also help reduce the buildup of moss and lichen that has taken hold of your roof. Because these organisms have deep roots, it takes a while to kill them. You may have to wait a couple of months until the moss or lichen falls off naturally.

It prolongs the life of your shingles

Roof soft washing uses specialized cleaning solutions that are safer for your shingles than pressure washing. It also uses biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, which are not harmful to your health. Furthermore, it extends the life of your shingles, which means lower electric bills. Soft washing also improves curb appeal, which means your house will get more natural light. You will also find that your energy costs will go down because your roof will absorb less sunlight.

It prevents water spots

Soft washing is a great way to extend the life of your roof by preventing water spots and other damage. Soft washing is safer than power washing and won’t damage most surfaces. This method also leaves no residue or water stains on your roof. Plus, it won’t create puddles, which can make repair work a chore.

It kills pests

Using soft washing when power washing your roof will kill pests and algae that are responsible for discoloring your shingles. Some of these pests can even damage your roof by causing small cracks. By using a soft washing method, you will achieve a 100 percent kill ratio for these organisms.

Soft washing is an effective method for getting rid of algae, mildew, grime, and lichen that may be clinging to your roof. It also removes any nests of pests that may be living there. Regular soft washing will keep your roof free of pests and will save you money in the long run. Roof repairing can be expensive.