Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Near Me: Everything You Need to Know

Soft washing is an environmentally friendly way to clean a roof. Unlike conventional methods, it does not harm the protective coatings of your shingles. Soft wash roof cleaning is recommended for shingle, tile, and other types of roof. The method is also a safe choice for outdoor wood furniture and rooted plants. It is best used on residential structures.


Soft wash roof cleaning is an effective way to get the dirt off your roof without damaging the shingles. Professionals perform the process using low-pressure water, just like a garden hose. They use a cleaning solution and scrub brushes to get rid of dirt and stains. The process can cost $0.30 to $0.75 per square foot. However, it’s important to note that it’s best to avoid high-pressure washing because it can damage or loosen the shingles.

Chemicals used

Soft wash roof cleaning processes use a low-pressure system, typically under 100 PSI, to wash away years of dirt and grime. Soft wash chemicals are composed of a combination of sodium hypochlorite and surfactants. These ingredients are combined to a specific strength to wash away stubborn dirt and grime without damaging the shingles or surrounding plant life.

The cleaner contains surfactants, which increase foaming power and prolong the dwell time of the cleaning agent. It is a powerful detergent that is compatible with a variety of chemicals, including chlorine, acids, and caustics. These are concentrated solutions that are typically purchased in cases of four or more. It is not necessary to use all of the surfactants when soft washing.

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Near Me

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Water pressure

Soft wash roof cleaning is an effective and environmentally friendly method of cleaning roofs. This cleaning method uses low pressure to remove dirt and grime without damaging protective coatings. It also extends the life of roofs. Soft washing is ideal for homes and other outdoor spaces, as its diluted solutions won’t damage landscaping.

Soft washing is a superior way to clean delicate parts of your home. It is especially ideal for areas adjacent to rooted plants and materials attached to the surface with mortar. Softwashing is also recommended for vinyl, cedar shake siding, and wood panel siding. Pressure washing may damage wood decks and wood panel siding, and it’s not a good idea to perform it yourself if you’re not experienced.

Roofing materials affected

Soft-wash roof cleaning is a safe and effective way to eliminate stains on roofs without harming your roofing materials. It is effective for all types of roofing materials. The process is also eco-friendly and biodegradable. This method avoids the problems of roof rot, homeowner’s insurance issues, and health hazards associated with mold. It also improves curb appeal. 

Soft wash systems use low-pressure rinsing to remove dirt and grime. Unlike high-pressure washing, soft wash systems do not loosen old, brittle roofing tiles, or wash away damaged granules from surfaces. A professional power washing contractor can recommend soft-wash roof cleaning for your property. Soft wash cleaning is especially beneficial for residential roofs. It can help prevent damage to roofing materials by killing moss, algae, and bacteria.

There are several benefits to having your roof soft-washed regularly. In addition to removing stains and grime, soft washing uses biodegradable cleaning solutions that won’t harm your property. It can also prevent roof rot and homeowners’ insurance issues. Plus, it improves curb appeal.

Roof Washing

Roof Washing

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