Soft Wash Serenity
Embrace the Power of Gentle Exterior Cleaning

Welcome to Johnny Tsunami's Soft Wash Services, where we believe in the gentle touch of exterior cleaning.
Our expert team harnesses the power of soft washing to remove dirt, algae, and grime without causing any harm to your delicate surfaces. Soft wash brings out the beauty of your property while ensuring its long-lasting protection.

Unleashing the Magic of Our Soft washing process.

Step 1

Detailed Surface Analysis

We inspect your exteriors to determine the most suitable soft wash approach.

Step 2

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Our gentle yet effective cleaning agents dissolve dirt and grime safely.

Step 3

Low-Pressure Washing

Soft wash employs low-pressure water streams to clean surfaces without causing harm.

Unveiling the Hidden

Soft Washing Delivers More Than Meets the Eye

Preserving Delicate Surfaces

Moss removal instantly restores the visual appeal of your property, allowing its natural beauty to shine through.

Long-Lasting Cleanliness

Moss can damage surfaces, leading to cracks and deterioration. Our removal service protects your property's integrity.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Moss can create slippery surfaces, posing safety hazards. Our service helps prevent slip and fall accidents


Removing moss promotes a healthier environment, preventing potential allergens and respiratory irritants.

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Before and After

Witness the Power of Johnny Tsunami's Soft Washing Services


Hear From Our Happy Clients


"John, Ty, & Jackson cleaned our metal roof and they were amazing. They were efficient in assessing the situation and doing the work. While John was on the roof; Ty & Jackson were doing the cleanup on the ground. They were very respectful of the plants on the deck and set them aside then returning them to their original location. This is the second time we've used Johnny Tsunami to clean our roof. Highly recommend them and will use them again. Thank you."


"Very impressed by the service our technician, Daniel, provided! We had a porch covering that was extremely dirty but by the time Daniel was done it looked good as new. The attention to detail and commitment to a job well done are what stood out. Highly recommend working with Johnny Tsunami. Request Daniel."

Drew Nordstrom

"Wow! Their worker worked his tail off! He did an amazing job cleaning my gutters, exterior windows, and cleaning and treating the roof. He was super helpful, courteous and extremely polite. I would recommend their services. Thank you so much!"

Tracy Green

"The technician was one-time, efficient and thorough. Good communication from the company throughout the process. Took about 7 weeks from initial contact until the actual cleaning was completed, but I can't blame them for being busy. I was very impressed with the level of detail they put into cleaning our PVC membrane roof. Extremely satisfied with our experience with these guys!"

Danny Falls

"Loved working with Johnny Tsunami. I had a lot of questions and they were right there with answers. I was concerned because there was quite a bit of moss build up and they said the process would work and was guaranteed. I'd use JT again in a hot second. Photos are from about 9 mo later. Super happy!"


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