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Moss Removal

Johnny Tsunami offers professional moss removal and moss treatment services for Western Washington. From standard roof moss removal to moss cleaning for your residential or commercial walkway, we’re Seattle’s trusted source to keep your property beautiful.

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Moss Removal

The Northwest is a mossy place. While moss serves a very useful function in nature, it is very damaging to your roof. Moss absorbs water like a sponge, and bacteria and water damage from colonizing moss can lead to holes in your shingles, which can ultimately lead to a full roof replacement down the road.

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Our Process

Most moss removal methods end up doing more damage than good. Aggressive brushing techniques, high pressure sprays, and harsh chemicals weaken and destroy roof shingles. At Johnny Tsunami, moss is treated with a safe and effective biodegradable moss treatment, ensuring your roof is moss-free.

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Not Just Roofs

Since the same moss that can destroy your roof can also damage walkways and drives, we recommend moss removal on those areas of your home as well, restoring life and beauty back to your home’s walkways. Our safe and gentle softwash solutions remove moss without damaging your surface, providing the ultimate eco-friendly moss removal service.

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Roof Moss Growth

Moss destroys shingles on your roof and is not a soothing sight. Moss needs to be taken care of immediately if seen on your roof. The longer it grows, the more destructive it can be.

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Moss Growth Treatment

Johnny uses a non-damaging, low pressure roof cleaning. This eliminates moss and removes unsightly algae growth, black streaks, mildew, and other grime.

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Sidewalk Moss Cleaning

Our pressure washing service cleans up mold, mildew, algae and other Northwest grime that accumulates on decks, patios, driveways, parking lots, siding and other surfaces exposed to rain.